Published On: Mon, Jul 17th, 2017

Anti-grazing bill: Okar coup agenda in a roundabout way (1)

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MONDAY Column BY Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

Mankind was one with root from the first couple Prophet Adam and his wife Eve created by the Almighty Allah. It is from them all human species you see on earth originate therefrom. These include the black, white, brown, yellow and in between. There is no difference in their makeup biologically. They all in order to survive must breathe air, drink water, eat food and sleep after the day’s work or no work. All get thirsty, hungry, angry, laugh, get sick, get old and die. All were born from the mixture of the lowly sperm of the male and female. They were born as babies naked including all the Prophets one likes and does not like. Jesus was not an exception.
On top of all, whatever one calls himself, race, position must eat and drink. Allah has downgraded man to the extent that they must urinate and excrete the digested food in the toilets. Then what seduces man to walk insolently as if he can be taller than the mountains or render the earth or penetrate it with his shoes? Does one think he is created without a purpose? Just you drop as a baby and grow and do what you like? The scriptures tell us even Prophet Moses who God spoke with was a baby sucking milk from his mothers’ breast. So what is man essentially? Everyone whether he likes it or not is a slave to the One God Allah (SWT) who is like no one. And no one is like him.
A slave by Oxford is a person who is owned by another person and is forced to work for him. The answer is that no matter what you slaves of Allah. Repeat a slave of Allah. The caveat here is that Allah does not need you to work for Him like cooking food for Him to eat and washing His clothes among others. He is too powerful and He requires us to worship Him and show gratitude. He will punish the devils that contrive the genocide in the Mambilla, Kafanchan, Ife, Ekiti and anywhere. The contrived murders of innocent men, children, babies, old and the vulnerable is evil. Yet that the allies of Okar as he stated in his rebel speech on behalf of the middle belt and southerners are hiding behind anti-grazing. Why not anti-primitive farming Bill to conform with the usage of tractors and harvesters and see if they are fair. The dishonesty and the fake journalists among them who commit genocide under the anti-grazing Bill and wish to remain safe and untouchable criminals is unacceptable.
If you say we are the chosen race, well and good. But let us see one refuse to eat and urinate or go to the toilet. The mouth and body smell if not cleaned properly and regularly. Some may be afflicted by bacteria that makes life very unpleasant and perhaps cause repulsion. God sees everything and answers every body’s prayer. Is there anyone that could speak or attend to ten languages at a time? Can anyone beside Allah see everyone and know everything in the wide world at the same time? When Jesus was alive he could not see all in the world even in Palestine. He could not answer the prayers of the sick but by the leave of Allah. No indeed do anything on his own. In fact he and Mary his mother ate food and drunk water and breathed air. What of on land and the sea, lakes and the caves and the top of mountains and in the galaxies? Which kind of eyes or ears should he have? If it is brain to meet the challenges how could that cope up? Just imagine a President of Nigeria. In fact a local government chairman cannot stay in his office because of the little pressure from his locality.
The Fulani herdsmen will prosper while their killers will live dreadful lives getting drunk and dying of liver diseases. Time will tell if they will in peace. Late Taraba Governor Suntai was so arrogant and extravagant enough to say no Muslim will be a Governor in Taraba state. He was alive but a vegetable when Garba Umar and Sani Danladi took over. After the Mambilla killers committed their genocide, Suntai who remained a vegetable was pronounced dead. His death is a lesson to the anti-grazing bill governors of Benue, Taraba and Ekiti in the persons of Ortom, Darius and Fayoshe respectively.
Let the anti-grazing go and ask the US and likes of Netanyahu’s and Zionists who contrive endless wars as a business. Nonetheless, the Jews do not forget that Christian Hitler killed “six million” though doubtful of the so-called Jews the “chosen ones”. Whatever they were, the bodies of the Jews were decomposing in Germany. In 1974 was taken around the premises of the graves. The pictures of the bodied burnt by the order of the British to prevent epidemic. So like the decomposing bodies of Tutsi, the Jews decomposing bodies did not rise to the heavens. The Zionists were the architects of the defeat of Germany by Britain in the First World War. Though unfortunate, Christian Hitler went on revenge on the Jews to teach them a lesson that they were not chosen by anyone then.
No wonder Trump whose grandfather was German accused Zionist CNN and dominated media as dishonest men who dish out fake news. So remain the Nigerian ruling elites with cases with EFCC taking shelter with the anti-grazing bill that are no better than kidnappers or armed robbers the lowest of the low. So are the apostles and killers on the Mambilla Plateau and the minority elements in the middle belt. So are the dishonest journalists from the southern dominated media with endless fake news about Muslims who all harbor the Okar agenda.
For the records, the National Concorde edition of Tuesday, April 24, 1990 page 9 reports in part on the “Abortive Coup: What rebel leader said” and his speech goes “Fellow Nigerians citizens. On behalf of the patriotic and well-meaning people of the middle belt and the southern parts of this country, I Major Gideon Gwarza Okar wish to happily inform you of the successful ousting of the dictatorial, corrupt, drug baronish, evil men, sadistic, deceitful, homosexually-centered, oligarlistic, unpatriotic administration of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.” Further, Okar stated that “the overall progressof the Nigerian state, a temporary decision to excise the following states namely Sokoto, Borno,Katsina, Kano and Bauchi states from the federal Republic of Nigeria comes into effect immediately until” some conditions are met.

Cont. from back page
Okar the rebel leader went further to decide on behalf of “middle belt and the southern parts of this country” to the effect that “all citizens of the five states are suspended from all public and private offices in middle belt and southern parts of this country”. Just imagine that a sensible person will wake up and make these wild pronouncements. What kind of mindset has he?. The pronouncements are clear and open manifestations of a deep rooted pathological hatred among all the so-called middle belters. Over 70% till date would wish to implement the Okar agenda. They are partners of the I966 Ibo coup plotters in which northern leaders Sardauna and Balewa and all top officers in the excised states were assassinated in cold blood by beasts.
The genocide continued. In 1976 coup against former Head of State Murtala, the middle belt under the middle belt pathological enemies went on blue murder. Once more the pathological hatred was manifest. The drunkard Dimka and his cohorts from middle belt with sub-human mind set and no logic assassinated Murtala. On the other hand, Murtala ousted Gowon but did not kill him. In a democracy, they are minorities and so must let the majority have their way. This is the root of their complex. In I987 Kafanchan CAN sponsored riots, the I992 Lekwot masterminded the genocide in Zangon Kataf on Muslims; the Sharia riots of 2001 on Makarfi by Plateau and southern Kaduna and other Middle Belt; the Sayawa in Bauchi genocide in 2000s home of Speaker Dogara; the Shagamu and Lagos by Ganiyu Adams terrorists during OBJ; the 2017 Ekiti and Ife genocides and destruction of mosque in Ekiti; the GEJ road blocks in the excised states to make life miserable; the dishonest GEJ Confab Conference based on the Okar agenda; and the recent genocide in Mambilla.
Why the excised ruling classes including the former heads of states and Presidents, the governors, the Sultan, Shehu of Borno, the Emirs among others fail to be critical on the words “on behalf of the patriotic and well meaning people of the middle belt and the southern parts of this country” is unforgivable. It is a betrayal of trust when they let mischief repeat itself again and again. We should question their faith or iman. Do our so-called leaders have faith in Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at all? Action speaks louder than words. Their continued silence emboldens our killers. It is difficult to convince any reasonable person that these so-called leaders in the “excised states” are with us. If one accuses them of complicity with Okar and his allies could be forgiven.
Late Major Okar a Tiv from Benue was the so-called middle belt rebel leader of the aborted April 1990 coup against IBB their mentor who elevated so many minorities to lucrative political positions. So many Governors and Ministers and they dominated the AFRC in his days. Despite all the patronages and the largesse disproportionately, they did not spare IBB. The minority took things for granted due the unfair advantage against the Hausa-Fulani. With so many pockets of tribes each must have equal treatment in the appointment of government largesse.
Imagine in Kaduna with 4766 traditional rulers! Each sees himself like Emir of Zazzau or Oba of Ife. Many with 20 thatched hats and less than 500-5000 people like Okar if he is not made a first class chief, Nigerians will not sleep. After drinking burukutu or illicit gin will not hesitate to hatch genocidal schemes and believe will get away with it since Nigeria is a lawless banana republic. That the dishonest media journalists from Punch, Vanguard, the Nation, Sun, and Guardian will orchestrate fake news or be silent. While the dishonest ruling elites in the south and CAN with Okar agenda will as usual give open support to lawlessness.

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