Child and character building process (XII)

Do You Clean to Live or Live to Clean? Avoid Extremes! A lady earned the name Mrs. Clean, because she was too clean. She lived to clean. Her house was a sterile spotless environment. She gave hell to her children and deprived them of the joy of playing and socializing with others to avoid making any mess. The house was too clean for living. Happiness More...

by Peoples Daily | Published 2 years ago
By Peoples Daily On Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

How Boko Haram-style violence radiates southwards

By Tim Cocks As long as violence perpetrated by Islamist militants was more or less contained in Nigeria’s remote northeast, the attitude of many citizens and expatriates in the more prosperous south was a shrug More...

By Peoples Daily On Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

After Sanusi’s ouster, Nigerians are still asking why oil funds are missing

Even in a country where untold oil wealth disappears into the pockets of the elite, the oil corruption scheme he was investigating seemed outsize – and he threatened to lay it bare at a meeting with Nigeria’s More...