Published On: Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

Now that Mosul has fallen

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Three years after Abubakar al-Baghadadi stood at the pulpit of the 800 year-old al-Nuri Mosque to proclaim the founding of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), his terror group, infamous for unparallelled barbarism and denounced by moderate Muslims, is crumbling. The recapture of al-Nuri Mosque in Monsul, Iraq, where the terror group issued its worldwide call for Muslims to flock to its ‘Caliphate’, was the turning point in ISL’s defeat in its original birthplace. Outgunned by the Iraqi army and its American allies, the terrorists blew up the historic mosque before their shambolic retreat.
With the Islamic state terror group evicted from Monsul, there is no doubt that their days are numbered. The Syrian city of Raqaa, which the group claimed was their capital is also under pressure from Syrian forces and expectations are high that the ISIL’s purported capital will soon fall. The three years of the existence of this group have marked the most brutal assault on civilization as its fighters wantonly destroyed traces of human civilization. The methods of killings are cruel and barbaric.. It could never have been Islamic and remotely associated with any known religion.
ISIL was a sore thumb on human civilization yet it did not fall from the sky. The thoughtless policy of regime change pursued by United States and her NATO allies in the region was principally responsible for the collapse of any modicum political order. The violent overthrow of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain, mindless destruction of the country and dissolution of the Iraqi army by the rampaging western conquerors were at the root of the upheaval and vacuum that gave ISIL and other terrorist group space. The same strategy of regime change was at the heart of the Syrian civil war which drew extremist jihadists from around the world into Syria fight. Without dismembering Iraq and letting the vacuum of inclusive political order fester for as long as it did, there would never have been a veritable fertile ground to spawn the terror group.
The war to re-capture Mosul from ISIL has been tortuous and costly especially for the local population. Those who must take the responsibility for the rise of ISIL, no matter where they stand in the war against the terror group, have the blood of the innocents in their hands.
The devastation of the second largest Iraqi city must be blamed on those who created the conditions for the rise of ISIL. Washington and its NATO allies, must accept responsibility for the mayhem that has blighted Iraq, Syria and much of the region. They should take the task of reconstructing Mosul and Raqqa when the smoke clears.
Not everyone is deceived by the Islamic toga assumed by the ISIL terrorists because there is nothing in their actions that is remotely connected to Islam. They are common criminals and murderers, engaged to stir trouble by the world’s organized war industry.
Flushing out ISIL and other nihilist groups from their territorial sanctuary may not mark the end of them because they are mere pawns in an elaborate chessboard of the resilient war industry that pulls the strings from Washington and other western capitals. But defeat of ISL, which is a distraction, will give the region a breathing space.

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