Published On: Mon, May 23rd, 2016

Our IPP project not meant to victimise members of opposition in Zamfara- Commissioner

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Alhaji Ahmad Sharu AnkaAlhaji Ahmad Sharu Anka is one of the young but experienced politicians who came into the Zamfara State political arena through the pressure of the youth. He contested and won the local government elections in Anka local government before later resigning to ensure the victory of the defunct ANPP in 2011. Sharu Anka is currently serving as Commissioner for Lands and Survey, Housing and town planning underthe administration of Governor Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar. During a recent interaction with newsmen, the Commissioner disclosed the state government’s plan for the establishment of the controversial Independent Power Plant along Gusau/Zaria road. Ibrahim Sidi Muh’d was there.

You have sounded a warning that the state government is not ready to tolerate any illegal structure across the proposed lands meant for the establishment of Independent Power Plant, what informed this policy?

The lofty efforts of this administration are not only meant for people to live better lives but designed to arouse the consciousness of development among the citizenry. As a result of pathetic power supply, this administration has come up with a blueprint to tackle this monstrous problem that seems to defy all solutions by past administrations. The Zamfara state government is doing a lot in ensuring the steadiness and viable electrical supply to the state, as such embarked upon constant development linking national grid. That is why the notice of revocation of right of occupancy comes in. You see, in pursuance of Section 28 of the Land Use Act Cap L5 LFN 2004, all the parcel of lands along Gusau/Zaria road recovered by the government is required for and is overriding public interest for the establishment of such an independent power plant, so the rights of occupancy in respect of the parcel of lands is hereby revoked. As I have said earlier, the state government has designed a blueprint for the state’s industrial development. To this end, the government’s programme is aimed at facilitating and utilisation of the proposed lands for the development of the state. The government would commit all it takes to ensure the accomplishment of this blueprint, while monitoring and guarding against extraneous factors that frustrate its success.

How would you cope if the occupants of the proposed lands revolt against the move by the state government?

By asking this question, let me reiterate to the people especially who would be affected by this issue of lands proposal for independent plant that, the project has nothing to do with politics, it is not a politically motivated project which would be used to hide under with a view to hurt any politician from the opposition parties. The project, when completed will benefit the crawling economy of the state, and the benefit will spread to impact everybody across the state, this is apart from that, the state government is empowered by section 28 of the land use Act 2004. Believe you me, this is the dynamics of development which aimed at establishing Independent Power Plant for the public interest.

How far has your ministry gone about the survey and architectural work for the project?

We are starting at a point marked with survey beacon bearing S3116 located at 30 meters away from the centre line of the Gusau/Zaria road, the coordinates of which are 1341459 metres north and 263936 metres east of the national origin. The boundaries run in straight lines, the bearings and lengths are (a) from S 3116 bearings 133 degree 26’ length, 676.10m to S 3122, S 3122, bearings of 209 degree 25’ length 924.20m to S 3682. Others are GSC 3469, bearings 313 degree 09’, length 1715.00m to 3470. GSC 3470 bearings 28 degree 03’, length 861.20m to GSC 3471 and finally GSC 3471, bearings 29 degree 35’, length 968.20m to S 3116. All bearings and lengths that I have eventually mentioned are approximate and all bearings are referred to national north. So any person be it politician, civil servant or other business professionals claiming right of occupancy or interest in the said proposed lands is required within 6 weeks from the date we they were served with notice to contact me with a submission of a statement of interest or rights and evidence in respect of interest. And let me make it very clear that, any person who shall willfully hinder or obstruct the government or employee of the government from taking possession of the proposed land shall on conviction under the provision of the law be liable to a fine of 5,000 naira or to imprisonment of 12 months.

This may be one of the reasons people especially members of the opposition parties would be affected?

Law always stand to protect legitimate commitments, and it does not in any way consider differences in politics, religion, trace and economy, I don’t think there is anything like political opposition in Zamfara state and the nation at large. You see, the administration of Governor Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar is virtually focussed on the economic development of the state, the situation which would provide job opportunities and to of course downgrade poverty. I knew that, most of the people are of the fear that if the project commenced, it may not be completed due to economic doldrums facing the state just as the present administration inherited number of uncompleted projects from the previous administration of former governor, Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi.

What is your view on this?

You know government is a continued process; the present administration of Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar had inherited abandoned projects from the administration of former Governor Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi as you rightly saw, but most of them have been completed. The most important thing is to initiate developmental projects that have direct bearing to lives of the common masses. The government of Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar is people oriented, so the government places much emphasis on initiating developmental projects which we hope that by Almighty God’s grace, they will be completed within the scheduled period. Even if they may not be completed, at least we would ensure they are more 80%, but I do hope every project that we eventually started must be completed.

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