Published On: Mon, Mar 20th, 2017

Task for new CAF president – scrap female football

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This is a rather tall order I acknowledge, and an unpopular one at that. In fact feminists and my other fellow females might be gazing at me with a quizzical countenance that sneers, ‘is she alright, after all the gains we have made at being at par with men, she wants to take us back in time, to draw back the hand of the clock for us? What a man can do a woman can do gaskiya!” I totally disagree and I shall continue to oppose female football with all the strength I can muster for the simple reason that it is detrimental to and beclouds the high task ordained for women. I do not refer to procreation alone. The high and sacred task given to women from above is one which she can perform with or without children of her own and one which she can discharge wherever the undulating currents of life place her – low, medium or high echelon. But it is one she can accomplish faithfully only if she is a genuine woman, genuine in all ramifications – in thoughts, words and deeds.
Women are psychically spiritually stronger than men; they bear higher responsibility in creation more or less than men, and for this the Almighty Creator imbued them with a special gift of “substantiality”, to enable them perform their special roles from out of the radiating power from Above. The power of the Almighty Creator that streams down throughout the universe to all living things first seizes the woman by virtue of that ‘substantiality’ anchored in her and she is then meant to dutifully pass on this power for the blessing of her environment, society and the world in general. As earlier stated, only a genuine woman/female can fulfil this task. Women/girls that consistently indulge in coarse activities like football, among others, overtime lose that thread of substantiality which is what really makes her a woman in the true sense of the word. And the consequences are manifold.
Even if a man has all the physical organs for bearing a child he cannot possibly do so because he lacks that bridge that enables a human spirit to incarnate, a bridge that is connected with the woman through substantiality. And so it is that when our best scientists have formed a foetus through artificial insemination in their laboratories they have to take it out from their laboratories into a woman’s womb to give it real life, to enable a human spirit incarnate into the little growing body in the womb and be born as such. Until then what they form in their labs through the various advanced methods is a lifeless, useless body or foetus. Women may recall that they feel the first twitches, movement of the growing physical body in their wombs in the middle of pregnancy- that is when the particular human spirit incarnates into the little body, literally taking possession of it, animating it, giving it what we call life.
Among the consequences of women allowing the substantiality within them to gradually wither away through long term participation in coarse activities as football, boxing, wrestling and so on, is infertility, miscarriages, etc., etc.. Of course this is a long process; the consequences may not even take effect in a girl’s present earth life but in later incarnations. Females partaking in football as a profession are distorting their souls and there are two categories here, namely those whose souls are already distorted and those that are tending towards distortion. Do we not often when watching female footballers, female boxers or female wrestlers in action, hear such remarks as ‘ah, she looks like a man, she plays like a man, she boxes like a man, she get power like man’? What does this our inner sensing tell us?
Female football et al can never be as interesting (for those that have an eye for it or experts) as the male version because women’s physiological make up is not suited for such coarse activity. During an eye survey at a viewing centre, I observed that those who pay to watch the national female football team, the Falcons games at the highest competitive levels like FIFA and CAF cups are far less than those that watch the super Eagles play at similar competitions. It is not true that what a man can do, a woman can do better and vice versa. Women by their nature, physical and psychic as outlined above, are better at finer, negative kinds of activities while men by their own nature too excel in coarse, positive types of activities. The woman stands beside, not in front or behind a man per se for they both complement each other in their activities. Side by side, the activity of the one is as important as that of the other like positive and negative parts and together they make a whole which gives full value.
What is true of women is also true of men, those of them that overtly indulge in finer kinds of activities overtime become distorted male souls or male souls tending towards distortion. They are those who feel more comfortable wearing women’s clothes, trans-gender persons (male and female) and so on. Only by remaining genuine women and genuine men can we avoid the dangers inherent in being distorted souls or tending to it. I challenge the new Confederation of African Football (CAF) president, Ahmad Ahmad, to help save our society the aberration of distorted souls by courageously banning female football. I doubt if he will take up this challenge. It’s a man’s world, is it not? But ladies, let it not be said that we watched idly as men pushed out to activities that distort our very nature thereby trampling underfoot the special gift bestowed on us by the Creator, Almighty through substantiality.

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