Educating the so-called Marlians on who Marley really was

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  1. A True Marlian says:

    Clap for yourself for a writing this. Our President isn’t promoting bad trends. You just sit down in your home, surf the internet and you see a small thing Nigerian Artists do you call it something bad. If you don’t understand what they are trying to portray don’t ever make mention of them as bad. That’s the people like you were making bad facts about Olamide Baddo also that he is cult member, he is ritualist, he gets his money from blood, he is that. Yall don’t just understand the music because of your old fashion life style. See Naira Marley is like Fela he talks about the current things. things that are happening in the country. See let me just leave that part for you to go and reason and about the dance part ehn, if you see people dance something you can not dance it will pain you. Leg work is a form of exercise in a cool way most people prefer leg work/dance than normal exercises and Tesumole is somehow like a gospel song because Tesumole means step on the devil. see if you if you don’t understand things just shut up. Fuck all. TRUE MARLIANS ONLY

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