Every project must have COREN registered engineer- Umahi

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  1. Surv. Olumide ADewebi says:

    The Honourable Minister of Works was breathing fire We felt his passion to see that the fate of Nigerian roads moves from the “Party Makeup Mode” to the Functional , Lasting and Value for money mode.
    This is commendable but truth be told it’s not going to be easy.
    The minister went on to state that on every project there must be COREN certified engineers and when the projects fail those engineers mat have their certificates withdrawn. Well Said Sir.
    But it’s important that we remind the Honourable Minister that this decision should not just stop with insisting on Professional Engineers. Yes, being his constituency it’s just natural he would say that. The Construction industry has other critical professions in play. Surveying, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Building and so on. All these professions have inputs too and all of them like Engineering do not always have Professional on duty on these projects. The minister should look into this.
    Honourable Minister Sir,. All these professions must have certified professionals on the projects. This will not be at any additional cost because their cost has been covered already by the project. If we are to have true accountability and ensure value for money. All professions must have certified professionals working.
    Honourable Minister Sir. Land Surveying is a critical component of road construction and one tool to ensure you get what you are paying for. But a non professional Surveyor has his loyalty not to the profession, not to ethics but to the contractor paying. He has no certificate to loose and he certainly has no one to answer to.
    2 inches of filling over a 100km road is a lot of money that goes into someone’s pocket and whose value does not go into the road
    Sir as a matter of urgency expand that proposed meeting with COREN to include the regulators of the other professions in construction. Insist that contractors use only Registered and Professional Land Surveyors as well other professionals on projects as their work has been quoted and paid for.
    When projects fail have all the professionals involved explain and prove they had no hand in it.
    This way Sir you will achieve your goal and Nigeria would be better off.

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