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Ministerial slot: Benue Zone ‘C’ APC elders forum hails Tinubu’s choice of Utsev

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  1. Egwujoe says:

    Wonders shall never cease to happen…Senator Akume led a group of Tiv elders to plead with President Buhari to appoint a Tivman as minister when Chief AUDU Ogbe was minister of Agric. The Idoma didn’t say anything because that was a legitimate request but today Idoma elders have committed a crime against humanity by calling for a minister from benue south zone just because Akume is SGF. Haba! … another group of ‘elders’ have surfaced as spokespersons for the Tiv in zone c and have identified all the ills of Nigeria committed by the true elders which they had never pointed out just because there are more available appointments to be given to them. I call on mr president to have his eyes and ears wide open because these new angels and political gurus from benue zone c have an history of manipulation, deceit and treachery that they could only shed if the leopard can get rid of its colours. It is the first time in politics that an area crying out for marginalisation which isn’t the first time, is opposed by a section of that community instead of complementing that effort or shutting up. These are people who haven’t called any meeting of the party since the general elections because they can’t account for campaign funds. May God help benue zone c because satan is cultivating a field there.

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