No, Ezeife, no

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  1. Tonero says:

    You’re denying the obvious cos NNAMDI KANU leads more than ninety percent of Biafrans. You sounded so funny when you described Kanu as a terrorist and that “terrorist is shaking the foundation of this contraption. You’re promotingThis British experimental contraption because you think it favours your region.
    Continuation of this rogue British contraption called Nigeria means damnation and continued degradation of human lives. Nigerians never agreed to be one in the first place. If so, what’s the basis of their oneness? And you this contraption foisted on injustice to continue and that’s the reason we’re forced to remain Nigerians against our will.

    “The unity of Nigeria is non negotiable” so said the Nigeria lords. There’s no justice in Nigeria to allow it linger beyond now. If Soviet Union could end bear in mind that the end of this abattoir cum animal kingdom (cowgeria) and British experimental lab is in sight.

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