When Will Abba Resume Work As Governor of Kano State

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  1. Dawood aliyu says:

    Water has defiedt he people in kano who have resorted to arbitrarily digging of boreholes and with the epileptic power supply in kano it now makes it impossible to access waterfor domestic use

  2. Bashir says:

    Somebody will just wake up from sleep and start writing nonsense. People in Kano have started feeling the good things Abba is doing, if you APC and Ganduje supporters don’t like what he is doing, go your way

  3. Abdu Adamu Misau says:

    Ganduje, ‘gentlemanly’, ‘statesmanly’ ? I wonder if this writer is referring to the same Ganduje, the immediate past Governor of Kano State. It is absolutely unbelievably disturbing for any rational resident of Kano to begin to even forget the catastrophe that was the hallmark of that administration. And to think that this is coming from a supposedly ‘educated’ person is insane.

    With such ‘educated’ people in the State, any politician can visit any disaster on his people and be justified and individuals like Abubakar, a supposedly so-called educationist, will wield their pens to support such.

    We live in interesting times.

  4. Kassim Abdussalam says:

    It’s obvious you did not voted for Abba Yusuf but rather you’re are doctoring narratives for your corrupt boss and party. No reasonable person will say there is
    no developmental programs and projects happening in Kano.

  5. Go back to school says:

    Your excuse of an article couldn’t reveal your lexical incompetence any further. No wonder we’ve became the bane of ridicule even amongst peer tribes. At any given time, a society where the likes of you, in spite of sheer daylight ineptitude, can still put jagons to paper- is doomed.

    As for the gullible “article content” you & I are now sure it isn’t worth my time or any learned person for that matter.
    PS: Go back to school.

  6. Salisu dahiru alhassan says:

    This is nonsense and so called write-up it doesn’t make any sense. We are not in any way regretting for voting man of the people and government for the masses. You are just wasting your time and energy go and continue to advertise the corword and cruel people of APC and co. but is for AMANA KWANKWASIYYA free education for the masses

  7. Song says:

    It’s very clear that this write up was borne out of hatred for the good people of Kano and the Kano State government.
    Now I understand why educated illiterates are more dangerous than stack illiterates. How on earth will a sane person who knows and understands the atrocities of the past APC regime in Kano write such ridiculous false narrative.
    if you’re an indigene of Kano then definitely your ancestors must be sending countless curses on you for being an enemy within

  8. Kwankwasiyya Amana says:

    READER DISCRETION NEEDED: I assume the writer is pure anti-Kwankwasiyya and a pure supporter of bribery and corruption.

  9. Umar Abbas Wali says:

    The demolishing of illegally built structures on illegally acquired land was one of the first actions of Gov Abba Kabir Yusuf. The Ganduje administration converted public properties for personal use. Schools, sacred places of worship, and cemeteries were sold to families and friends. These structures have to go, the land belongs to the public and will continue to serve in the public interest.

    The atrocities committed by the Ganduje administration is like a hydra headed monster, his administration was characterized by impunity. This is simply why Gov Yusuf constituted a committee to investigate the Ganduje administration. His likes could only be shielded by a corrupt system or hiding behind legal technicalities, but all should know that he has a lot to answer. “The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine, catching the guilty, no matter how long it takes.”

    The only blueprint the Ganduje administration ever had was the Kwankwasiyya blueprint, which he hastily abandoned for his own selfishly crafted blueprint. A blueprint that only serves him, his family and a chosen few.

    On the issue of political thuggery, everyone knows who leads the pack. Those who lack the support of the people resort to all ways and means. It started right from the inconclusive saga, and eclipsed at the supreme court judgment. Thuggery is enshrined in their DNA, down from the lowest to the highest echelon of their political structure.

    In life everyone needs a helper and benefactor to reach his dreams, it was the Kwankwasiyya structure that was instrumental towards making Ganduje Governor of Kano State, he bit the fingers that fed him. “How does one find allure in repaying kindness with ingratitude and turning against those who offered assistance”. Gov Yusuf will continue to work with his boss towards making Kano a better place for all.

    In less than a year the success achieved by Governors Yusuf administration is most impressive. Hitherto abandoned health facilities have been renovated to world class facilities, such as Hasiya Bayero paediatric hospitals, Sir Mohammadu Sanusi Hospital, Bela hospital just to mention a few.

    Education has been a top priority of this administration, as at now schools are being renovated across the state and scholarship are being paid for both local and international students.

    Infrastructure: Governor Yusuf has embarked on an ambitious infrastructure development , roads are being constructed in both rural and urban areas across the state , streetlights are being installed etc.
    Poverty Alleviation: The Governor has demonstrated a strong commitment to poverty alleviation initiatives, particularly during challenging times such as Ramadan. Ongoing efforts such as Ramadan feeding programs and distribution of food palliatives in all 44 local governments underscore his dedication to easing the suffering of vulnerable populations.

    Welfare of Senior Citizens: Governor Yusuf’s administration has prioritized the welfare of senior citizens, addressing longstanding issues such as outstanding gratuities and arrears, a noble endeavor the Ganduje Administration left unattended. Governor Yusuf’s first year in office has marked a turning point for Kano. By prioritizing transparency, accountability, and the well-being of all citizens, he has laid the foundation for a more prosperous and equitable city. With continued focus on these core principles, Kano is poised to reclaim its rightful place as a beacon of hope and opportunity for generations to come.

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